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Company History

Bengal Creative Media Limited first began as an awareness initiative under an NGO program called, “Cultural Resource Development Program (CRDP) in 1997.  In 2002 the program changed its name to Bengal Creative Media.  The Limited company was formed in 2005 after nine years of operations within a non-profit, NGO environment. The company is registered under the Bangladesh Board of Investment and certified with the Joint Stock, Company and Firms.

BCM Productions

Over the years BCM has produced five films.  They include Jagaron, Supother Gan, Boishaki Gan and Aloker Jhornadhara.  Each of the productions above is message driven and provide audiences with solutions to detrimental cultural norms.  Three of the films listed above have been televised to national audiences multiple times and Boishaki Gan will be released soon.


BCM has also produced many promotional videos for international and national organizations in Bangladesh.  Returning clients are LAMB hospital & Community Health and Development Project, Mission Aviation Fellowship; Habitat for Humanity, Save the Children and SEDF -the development arm of the World Bank and the Manthei Charitable Trust Fund.


Bengal Creative Media Limited consists of a large team of multimedia professionals.